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Best Workout for a Staight-Shaped Body


The shape: Women with ruler-straight body types, like Cameron Diaz, can wear nearly anything—but they don’t generally have the girl curves to really kick it up in a bikini. Any weight they do carry usually forms a little potbelly, just like the boys get. Straight/boyish builds are similar to athletic types in that they also […]

  • Best Workout for an Athletic-Shaped Body


    The shape: Think Hayden Panettiere or Jessica Biel—broad across the back and shoulders, narrower through the hips. Athletic builds are often short-waisted (and maybe a little thick-waisted), tend to have square silhouettes, and will have a lower ratio of fat to muscle than curvy or pear-shaped body types. Swimsuits can be tough to find for […]

  • Best Workout for a Curvy-Shaped Body


    The shape: Curvaceous like Beyoncé or Scarlett Johannson, woman with curvy body types are balanced beauties who fill out a bikini top and bottom. When they gain weight, it tends to be all over. Like pears with larger chests, they have the curves, but what they usually lack is all-over muscle tone. The Rx: Without […]

  • Best Workout for a Pear-Shaped Body

    The shape: Pears populate the roster of bombshell beauties, from Alicia Keys to Jennifer Love Hewitt. As the name of this body type implies, pears are proportionally smaller on top, easily pack weight onto their lower bodies, and have a hard time toning their arms and shoulders. The Rx: A pear often becomes obsessed with […]

  • Losing the weight after the holidays

    weight gain ornament

    The holiday season is now behind us and you can’t believe what the scale is reading. How on Earth did I manage to put that much weight on? We’ve all been there, and now it’s time to put away those holiday sweaters and focus on shedding those extra pounds. Everyone wants to lose weight as […]

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