Membership Plans

We offer two types of gym memberships – Monthly and Yearly.
Choose which one is right for you. Both plans offer full gym membership privileges.

Types of Monthly Gym Memberships

  • Monthly Regular Member
  • Monthly Senior Discount
  • Monthy Police / Fire / Paramedics / Armed Forces Discounts
  • Monthly Corporate Discounts

Types of Yearly Gym Memberships

  • Yearly Regular Member
  • Yearly Senior Discount
  • Yearly Police / Fire / Paramedics / Armed Forces Discounts
  • Yearly Corporate Discounts

Need some time off! Either type of gym membership can be put on freeze for 1 month or more. Your gym membership will be frozen, in good standing, and you will not be billed until you decided to return. There is no extra fee to our members for this convenient service!

Unlike other Fitness Clubs, only 30 days notice are required if you want to cancel your monthly gym membership.