Al Post

I've been a member at Fitness 2000 for about 8 years now and have never regretted joining. It's a great facility and the staff are very friendly and helpful. I never have trouble getting access to the equipment I use and sitting in the hot tub after my work out is a treat I look forward to each time I visit. Having a pool, sauna and steam room are amazing bonuses considering the extremely competitive rates they have. Fitness 2000 is a great value...you'll have a tough time finding a better gym for the price!

Dean Sallinen

They have the best facility here! The staff are friendly and have excellent customer service. This gym is the reason why I still live in the area!

Andrea Murphy

I've tried a few different gyms before and this is hands down the most spacious and well supplied gym I've been to for the price! The staff is very sociable and helpful, the facilites are clean, there are tons of different drop-in classes to take (yoga, Zumba, etc), the pool is big and clean, and there's lots of different machines, free-weights, and equipment depending on your preferences. They also offer an excellent trial program so you can check things out before making a decision!

Nikola Tanaskovic

I came for the large facilities and affordable prices but I stayed for the community. The owner Chris and his staff go above and beyond to make sure you have a good experience every time you go in. He knows the names of every one of his members and based on the size of the fitness club, that's saying a lot. Best gym in the lower mainland.

Draco Wolf

I really like this location because every member at this location are friendly and care about each. People there are very supportive and encouraging whether it be the staff or members. The trains there are really awesome they help guide you with your goals and they spend that little extra time with you because they care. The main boss man there is awesome, funny and he does his best to help in whatever he can and his staff something. What I also really like no one there pushes you into getting a trainer or to buy products. Plus it's way better than Steve Nash or Good life fitness.

Brittney Goetz

Awesome gym! I've gone here on and off (only off due to living in a different city for a while) for 4 years now. There are many different rooms so suit your work out "style". The staff is amazing, answering any work out form question you may have and are always willing to a quick demo on equipment you may not know how to use. Huge pool with an amazing steam room! I'm excited to see the new changeroom and hot tub when the renovations are complete!!
Love this place 🙂
Great job Chris (owner)